Sunday, May 24, 2009

Blogging thru Canes Recent History

The history of CasonBlog in just a few links:

  • My first post, July 2005-I thought I was going to be a "serious" hockeybloganalyst
  • Just to prove I'm not the Rod Brind 'Amour hater that JohnSS thinks, this post from December 2005 and dis from December 2006. See, I'm no Rod hater...but I'm becoming a JohnSS hater, or should I say Johan in Schutzstaffel. You sir are worse than Himmler.
  • The blog photo I got the most mileage out of - Kovvy in a kilt from January 2006
  • My all-time favorite post combines a C-League game recap with the surreal - Art Bell and Coast to Coast AM from August 2006
  • My all-time favorite Canes photo and the accompanying post from June 2006
  • Fun time bangin' on the Maven from August, 2007
  • PhotoShopping Gary Bettman from August 2008
  • And the last pre-hiatus post on the return of Coach Mo from December 2008...what a stupie am I

Cason's Got a Brand New Bag

Hi kids. I'm now blogging over at Canes Country. Check out my first post: Game 3 Sponsored by My Bloody Valentine 3D.

Thanks to everybody who kept venturing to this blog - even after I quit posting my inane commentary.

It's been a busy past few months. I started a new consulting job in March and I've been spending a lot time on my daughter's volleyball blog:

I'm now pretty deadly with a video camera and iMovie.