Thursday, October 30, 2008

Taking Sides

I'm with this guy.

I'm with this guy because he's made a sacrifice no community organizer, congressman who spent his whole adult life in political office or TV pundit with a tingly leg has ever made. Just like John McCain. Obama and his possee were perfectly willing to sell this guy out...probably still are if there is political hay to be made.

Not that I'm a huge McCain guy. Actually, I'd rather vote for one of Ronald Reagan's old cowboy hats. At least that might have some real Republican DNA left in it.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Weight's hit on Sutter and Bad Discipline

It's been my contention for years that Andy Sutton is a Succubus and Brendan Witt is the NHL's version of Randall Tex Cobb, but to think Doug Weight would join the ranks of the rank seems implausible. Was it a clean hit? Technically yes, but Weight chose to go after Brandon Sutter's head when the puck was his for the taking. Bad guy? No. Bad decision? Yes. The next shift should have involved Brookbank or LaCouture pummeling John Sim-even if he was on the bench. Chad LaRose wanted a shot at Mini-Avery, but the punk wouldn't accept the challenge.

So much for the Canes supposed defensive depth. Yeah they are rather deep in stay-in-place soft guys who prefer reaching, grabbing and tripping to skating, discipline and hitting. That defensive depth let the Isles anemic offense pepper Cam Ward like Sonny Corleone at a toll station. Melichar for holding twice and tripping once. Enjoy the in-game buffet Joey.

And is it just me or does Joni Pitkanen seem lazy and unispired? Now a knee issue. Rest up Chachi, can't wait to have you back in full glide mode.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Corvo is Trade Bait?

Hi gang. Slowly working my way back into the season flow. And now I've seen something potentially weighty piqued my interest. TFP and one other media outlet I saw promoted the idea that Joe Corvo is being shopped by the Canes. What am I missing here? This was a guy JR coveted long-time. Now he's expendable? What's changed? Has been out boozing and feeling up female pub patrons? Is the club so desperate with the injuries up front that they'd dump Joe for somebody like Peter Schaefer who can't even hold a spot on the Bruins roster? How can you be desperate when you are 2-1 with two in-conference victories under your belt? Somebody splain me this one.