Thursday, September 11, 2008

Staalsy Franchise

Big Red joins the upper-upper echelon of highest paid players in the NHL. From what I read, the extension kicks in next year and will bump Eric from $5 mil per to $8+ mil beginning next season. I like the deal. Earlier in his career, Staal would periodically morph into invisibility mode. He's now a proven leader on the ice and a force on every shift. He's also a friggin' ironman who has played 81 or 82 games every season since he joined the big club.

As it stands, only Sid and Ovy will be paid more. Staal will jump ahead of some guy named Richards, who I think used to be somebody with the 'Ning. And did you know Thomas Vanek makes more than guys like Jason Spezza, Jarome Iginla and Vinny Lecavalier? Anybody got the number for Vanek's agent?


CanesCast said...

Vaneck got his sweet deal while being an RFA. Lowe from EDM tendered an offer sheet that forced Regeir's hand. However, his agent still pulled some brilliant moves off.

Speaking of which, what would stop an agent from calling a GM on behalf of one of his RFA players and suggesting them to make an offer on their player. Hmmmm....

bestonline323 said...

@CanesCast, i think Sid and Ovy got a sweet deal.

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