Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Paul McCartney Escapes Deranged Fembot

Say Goodbye to Some Pretty Soily Company

The Succubus saga is finally over for Paul McCartney. Psycho Ex, Heather Mills, gets $48 mil, a one-way ticket on the Your 15 Minutes are Up Express, and a good chunk of Sir Paul’s life essence. Fatal attraction chick wanted around $250 mil. In his ruling the judge said, Mills' claim "is and was unreasonable, indeed exorbitant." Exorbitant Indeed.

Heather couldn't’t supply evidence of anything she brought to or gave up as part of the marriage…except the concept of an acrylic fingernail/guitar pick. I remember reading the Macca kids saw through Heather’s smokescreen right off the bat. I hope Stella McCartney gets the green light now to take a couple of designer stiletto heel whacks at Heather in some dark alley. Look for Heather Mills to appear in Penthouse…or maybe Swank, by the end of this summer.

Linda McCartney used to be the brunt of a lot of tasteless jokes and Beatle-Fan derision back in the day. Now you can see how much he and the kids counted on Linda to keep things on an even keel.

I think my favorite post-Beatle, Beatle song is George Harrison's What is life. Ringo's It Don't Come Easy is pretty good. With the exception of Number 9 Dream, most of the Lennon stuff seems pretty dry to me. I really don't care for Imagine, even when it's covered on American Idol. I'm also not a big fan of a lot of the more pop McCartney stuff. I want to shoot myself in the head whenever I hear the bells that signal the opening of "Let 'Em In." I like the Joe Piscopo/Eddie Murphy version of Ebony and Ivory more than the Paul/Stevie Wonder version. And the Michael Jackson collaboration is just plain creepy.

That being said, I still dig a lot of Macca stuff. So, in an effort to re-line Sir Paul's pockets in this time of great financial hardship, here's the C/B top five post-Beatle Paul McCartney songs:

  • Maybe I’m Amazed (the raw version from “McCartney”)

  • My Brave Face (Elvis Costello to the rescue)

  • Helen Wheels (love the "Say bye, bye riff at the end)

  • Silly Love Songs (with Paul on lead bass way before Spinal Tap)

  • Soily (click on "Take 7" on YouTube above-even better version than the Wings over America live version he did as an encore)

Monday, March 17, 2008

Ruutu and Corvo

Shades of Bill Laimbeer

A couple of weeks into the Tuomo Ruutu era and I have to say junior is not long on the roster. You can see why this kid spent so much time on the IR with "The Indian." He's either thumping somebody or getting thumped by lots of somebodies on every shift. Our boy, Mikey Commodore, seemed to be especially fixated on hurting lil Tuomo yesterday. With two dumb penalties in the first period, Commodore wasn't much of a help to his new squad in the big reunion match.

One nasty little thing Tuomo does is that Bill Laimbeer box-out along the boards. When he senses somebody about to close on him, he launches himself backwards at the last second and lays a wicked body blow on the opponent. Eric Staal just establishes position and takes the beating. Ruutu likes to set the tone for the encouter by landing the first blow.

Another nasty little thing Tuomo does is whip dangerous passes across the neutral zone. The last one to a streakin Joe Corvo was money, but the 10 previous ones were rather frightening. Gonna have to keep an eye on Ruutu's penchant for doing the Brett Favre into triple coverage thing.

Joe Corvo was moving like Alec Baldwin in the Shadow yesterday. They didn't seem to have a clue on where he was or how to stop him. The Ottawa announcers were fairly kind all night to Paddy Eaves and Corvo. Only snarky thing I heard was one of them saying Corvo never shot that straight when he as a Sen. Luke covered Frankie's renaissance the other day, but my two cents would be that Joe being Joe lets Sister Frances Kaberle get back to being Frankie Kaberle again. Corvo's aggressive and attacking style is the goose the Canes need from the blueline. JR does it again. I am not worthy....

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

In Search of David Tanabe

I've been wondering about David for awhile. He suffered a concussion on December 18 and went on the IR on January 4. Yesterday, he didn't make it to a team photo. All we know at this point is found in Luke's LSB post today:

Hurricanes general manager Jim Rutherford described Tanabe as "week to week" but if he's in no shape to leave the house even for a team picture, it's obviously not a good situation.

How about some deeper digging N&O crew? It's going on two months away from the team for the poor kid. What's he going thru? What's the prognosis? How are the club and his teammates helping him get thru this? One report I read said his parents were having to drive him around town.