Sunday, May 24, 2009

Blogging thru Canes Recent History

The history of CasonBlog in just a few links:

  • My first post, July 2005-I thought I was going to be a "serious" hockeybloganalyst
  • Just to prove I'm not the Rod Brind 'Amour hater that JohnSS thinks, this post from December 2005 and dis from December 2006. See, I'm no Rod hater...but I'm becoming a JohnSS hater, or should I say Johan in Schutzstaffel. You sir are worse than Himmler.
  • The blog photo I got the most mileage out of - Kovvy in a kilt from January 2006
  • My all-time favorite post combines a C-League game recap with the surreal - Art Bell and Coast to Coast AM from August 2006
  • My all-time favorite Canes photo and the accompanying post from June 2006
  • Fun time bangin' on the Maven from August, 2007
  • PhotoShopping Gary Bettman from August 2008
  • And the last pre-hiatus post on the return of Coach Mo from December 2008...what a stupie am I

Cason's Got a Brand New Bag

Hi kids. I'm now blogging over at Canes Country. Check out my first post: Game 3 Sponsored by My Bloody Valentine 3D.

Thanks to everybody who kept venturing to this blog - even after I quit posting my inane commentary.

It's been a busy past few months. I started a new consulting job in March and I've been spending a lot time on my daughter's volleyball blog:

I'm now pretty deadly with a video camera and iMovie.

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Coach Mo-Ja-Vu all over again

So, it's out with the old-in with the even older. Coach Lavvy is out and Coach Mo is back.

Last two seasons, I rarely missed a Canes game on the DVR. This season, I'm forgetting to even program the machine. Last season, I did battle with the females of he C/B household for prime viewing time. This season it's some combination of Private Practice, Gray's McDreamy Anatomy and Starvivor nearly every night. I now watch more tape-delayed college volleyball on the Mountain West Conference Channel than Canes hockey. Part of that is because I love volleyball. The other part is because this Canes team that might only have a 50-50 chance of winning against the Florida Panthers on any given night.

Let's face it. The last two years have been a mess. The collapse, re-birth and collapse of last season leaves me thinking, "Fool me twice,.... screw you! I'm watching the Food Network. " And this season is shaping up like those other seasons samdwiched around 2006. Two years of Justin Williams injuries. Two years of waiting for Cam Ward to prove he wasn't a Conn Smythe fluke in 2006. Two years of watching "Wardo" give up a late softie. Two years of an anemic power play. Two years of watching the Canes get physically dominated by bigger, stronger and younger forwards. Two years of waiting for Andrew Ladd to blossom. Two years of trades and signings that amounted to a refresh of a boring status quo. Two years of watching Rod Brind 'Amour fade as a leader and a player with two-and-a-half years to go on a five-year contract.

A coaching change is supposed to infuse new life. A coaching change is supposed to embarrass the players and make them step up. And it's supposed to rekindle hope in the fan base. Yup, I can't wait till that Pittsburgh game tomorrow night...Oooh, wait a second...looks like there's a five-day old replay of a college cross country meet on the Big Ten Network.

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Obama Wins

Obama won big tonight and he deserved to win. He beat the Clinton machine and he beat McCain's Vaudeville routine. John McCain is a lousy political team player, and it cost him dearly. You can't count on "the team" when you've screwed them so many times. McCain spent so much of his political career pissing on his own party and sidling up to his "friends" in the media. He refused to push critical issues involving Obama's character and associations. He pulled the rug out from under the campaign when he sequestered Sarah Palin when her popularity was peaking. Then he sent her into MSM ambushes when he finally let her out. Now McCain can go back to the Senate and back to being Russ Fiengold's butt-boy. Wonder if Lindsay Graham will continue to serve as his boy Smithers.

I don't think we'll see the US lurch too far to the left. I think it will be a re-doux of the Clinton administration. Everything Obama has done thus far in his political life has been to benefit Obama. It won't take him long to see that Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and the Kos crowd care little about the best interests of Barak Obama. I think Obama will have to triangulate to keep his head above water.

The Republican Party is broken. Crappy leadership. No vision. No core principles. No message. The country clubbers have abandoned the tenets of the Reagan Revolution, and the party is now rudderless. The party needs to replace lawyers and lifer politicians with veterans, entrepreneurs and visionaries. Who is (was?) the Republican Party chairman? I know who the Dem party chair is, and he's probably squealing again.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Taking Sides

I'm with this guy.

I'm with this guy because he's made a sacrifice no community organizer, congressman who spent his whole adult life in political office or TV pundit with a tingly leg has ever made. Just like John McCain. Obama and his possee were perfectly willing to sell this guy out...probably still are if there is political hay to be made.

Not that I'm a huge McCain guy. Actually, I'd rather vote for one of Ronald Reagan's old cowboy hats. At least that might have some real Republican DNA left in it.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Weight's hit on Sutter and Bad Discipline

It's been my contention for years that Andy Sutton is a Succubus and Brendan Witt is the NHL's version of Randall Tex Cobb, but to think Doug Weight would join the ranks of the rank seems implausible. Was it a clean hit? Technically yes, but Weight chose to go after Brandon Sutter's head when the puck was his for the taking. Bad guy? No. Bad decision? Yes. The next shift should have involved Brookbank or LaCouture pummeling John Sim-even if he was on the bench. Chad LaRose wanted a shot at Mini-Avery, but the punk wouldn't accept the challenge.

So much for the Canes supposed defensive depth. Yeah they are rather deep in stay-in-place soft guys who prefer reaching, grabbing and tripping to skating, discipline and hitting. That defensive depth let the Isles anemic offense pepper Cam Ward like Sonny Corleone at a toll station. Melichar for holding twice and tripping once. Enjoy the in-game buffet Joey.

And is it just me or does Joni Pitkanen seem lazy and unispired? Now a knee issue. Rest up Chachi, can't wait to have you back in full glide mode.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Corvo is Trade Bait?

Hi gang. Slowly working my way back into the season flow. And now I've seen something potentially weighty piqued my interest. TFP and one other media outlet I saw promoted the idea that Joe Corvo is being shopped by the Canes. What am I missing here? This was a guy JR coveted long-time. Now he's expendable? What's changed? Has been out boozing and feeling up female pub patrons? Is the club so desperate with the injuries up front that they'd dump Joe for somebody like Peter Schaefer who can't even hold a spot on the Bruins roster? How can you be desperate when you are 2-1 with two in-conference victories under your belt? Somebody splain me this one.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

A key roster tweak is still needed

Justin Williams was just hitting his stride as a player in this league when he went down with the knee injury in December of last year. Consecutive seasons of 76 and 67 points made Justin an indispensable cog in the Canes offensive machine. Then last week, Kaboom! A ruptured Achilles tendon sets him back again. That has to be agonizing to a guy who knows the window of opportunity at this level is only open for a very short time. Good luck Justin. Make sure you max-out on glucosamine and chondroitin during your rehab.

So what to do in the waning days before the start of another season-another season the Canes can't afford to write-off because of key injuries. The Canes re-stocked the pantry with young defensemen this off season, but the forward corps looks very shaky. Cap'n Roddy, Whitney, Cullen, Walker, Ruutu, Eaves and Larose all have significant injury histories.

Here's what I'm not banking on:
1. Canes swinging a deal that brings in a Williams caliber player.
2. Jeff O'Neill suddenly becoming a dedicated two-way player.
3. Brandon Sutter showing up for game one with 25 pounds of extra muscle and the enhanced heart/lung capacity to grind out 20 minutes of ice time every night.
4. Some youngster or journeyman emerging from the league's worst farm system and have a breakout season.

So I say it's time to try again to move Kaberle or Seidenberg to create depth in the Canes forward corps. The Sens are said to be looking for an offensive defenseman. The Leafs have a Kaberle, why shouldn't the Sens? The Bruins and Kings are also looking for a puck-moving blueliner. The Kings only show four defensemen on their roster. And with all the exits they've had in the off season, Tom Preissing is the closest thing to a scoring machine on that roster.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Great Gig in the Sky

Pink Floyd keyboardist, Richard Wright, has died. I love those "Behind the Music" features they do on VH1. Check out the one they did on "Dark Side of the Moon" next time it comes on.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Staalsy Franchise

Big Red joins the upper-upper echelon of highest paid players in the NHL. From what I read, the extension kicks in next year and will bump Eric from $5 mil per to $8+ mil beginning next season. I like the deal. Earlier in his career, Staal would periodically morph into invisibility mode. He's now a proven leader on the ice and a force on every shift. He's also a friggin' ironman who has played 81 or 82 games every season since he joined the big club.

As it stands, only Sid and Ovy will be paid more. Staal will jump ahead of some guy named Richards, who I think used to be somebody with the 'Ning. And did you know Thomas Vanek makes more than guys like Jason Spezza, Jarome Iginla and Vinny Lecavalier? Anybody got the number for Vanek's agent?